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AFE The Private Pilot's Course

Flying Training


Air Law


AFE The Private Pilot's Course

Air Law Procedures




AFE The Private Pilot's Course

Human Factors

Flight Safety



AFE The Private Pilot's Course

Principles of Flight

Aircraft General Knowledge

Flight Performance and Planning



AFE The Private Pilot's Course




The Air Pilot's Manual series by Trevor Thom have become internationally recognised as the foremost pilot training textbooks.

With new, easy to read page layouts and excellent, clear computer generated graphics throughout they offer the student the best opportunity for easy learning of the Flying and Ground subjects for the Private Pilot Licence and will always provide excellent revision for the qualified pilot.



APM Volume 1 (Flying Training) covers: Flying Training and includes: The Aeroplane - Before and After Flight - Your First Solo - The Controls - Taxying - Straight and Level - Climbing - Descending - Turning - Stalling and Slow Flight - Spinning - Standard Take-Off and Climb to Downwind Leg - Circuit Operations, Approach and Landing - First Solo - Advanced Turning - Low Level Flying - Forced Landing - Pilot Navigation - Flight Instruments. Soft. 383 pages.



Volume 2 (Aviation Law & Meteorology) covers: Aviation Law and Meteorology and includes: Rules of the Air - Altimeter Setting - Airspace, Visual and Instrument Flight Rules - Distress, Search and Rescue - Documentation - Private Pilot Licence - Fit to Fly - In-Flight Medical Factors - First Aid - The Atmosphere - Wind - Cloud - Thunderstorms - Air Mass - Icing - Visibility - Weather Forecasts and Reports. Soft 354 pages.

APM Volume 3 (Air Navigation) covers: Air Navigation and includes: Basic Navigation Theory - Speed - Direction Navigation Computer - Vertical Navigation Time - The Earth - AeroNautical Charts Flight Planning - Pre-Flight - Route Selection and Charts - Flight Log - Flight Plan En-Route Navigation - Techniques - Navigation in Remote Areas - Entry/Exit Lanes. Soft. 499 pages.
APM Volume 4(Aeroplane Technical) covers: the Aeroplane Technical and includes: Principles of Flight - Airframes - Engines - Fuel and Oil Systems - Electrical - Undercarriage and Brakes - Pressure and Gyroscopic Instruments - Magnetic Compass - Airframe Limitations - Airworthiness - Performance. Soft. 447 pages.

APM Volume 5 (Radio Navigation & Instrument Flying) covers: Radio Navigation and Instrument Flying and includes: Radio Navigation - Cockpit Flight Instruments - Instrument Flying - IMC Rating - Night Rating. This volume is particularly popular with Private Pilots wishing to learn and improve all aspects of instrument flying theory and practice to Instrument Rating standard. Soft. 498 pages.
APM Volume 6 (Human Factors & Pilot Performance) covers: Human Factors and Pilot Performance and includes: Human Physiology and High Altitudes - Eyesight and Visual Illusions - Hearing and Balance - Am I Fit to Fly? - Stress Management - Fatigue and Sleep - Information Processing - Judgement and Decision Making - Flight Deck. Soft. 243 pages.
APM Volume 7 (Radio Telephony) covers: Radio Telephony and includes: Radiotelephony Language and Procedures - Emergency and Radio Failure - How Radio Works - Example Flights in Controlled and Uncontrolled Airspace - Exercises and Answers. Soft. 212 pages.
Suitable for JAR-PPL and NPPL pilots, AFE’s copyrighted page layout allows all essential flying experience data to be viewed at a glance, and vital currency information – such as’90 day’ rule, class/type rating renewal and medical currency – can be checked on every page spread. Hardbound and sewn for durability, with a royal blue cover and gold block lettering, this logbook is recommended by the UK’s leading flying schools. • The only PPL logbook to meet UK NPPL & JAR requirements – complies with JAR-FCL 1.08 • Separate sections to record class/type ratings, differences/variants, types flown, airfields visited etc. • Hardbound and sewn for a lifetime of use
Short RuleSturdy perspex ruler combines 1:250:000nm and 1:500:000nm scales with 1:500:000 statute miles and 1:500:000 kilometre scales on the inner line. The short ruler is 23.5cm long. 


Long Rule Sturdy perspex ruler combines 1:250:000nm and 1:500:000nm scales with 1:500:000 statute miles and 1:500:000 kilometre scales on the inner line. The short ruler is 42cm long. 

Protractor Sturdy perspex protractor measuring 5inch square, with black markings and blue reciprocal markings for quick reference. Central grid measured in 1:250:000nm scale to aid flight planning. Ideal both for pilots and student pilots alike.


Lumocolour Pens Multi-colour pack of 4 permanent felt markers for use with glazed surface aeronautical charts, excellent fine point for very accurate map plotting without smudging or accidental wiping clean 

P.P.L. Confuser The PPL Confuser has a fully illustrated explanation sections providing clear and concise working methods that leave the examination candidate in no doubt as to why a particular answer is the correct choice. For convenience, all working appendices such as flight plans, met charts and AIP extracts are included as loose leaf, so the reader does not have to flick from page to page when working through a question. Concise, highly informative, yet easy to read and digest, it is the only book that will enable the reader to consolidate knowledge and understand what the CAA is asking..



TR-2 Folding Pilot's Kneeboard This practical Pilot's kneeboard is constructed from hard wearing PVC. It has a flight pad printed on the face alongside other useful pilot codes and information. Further printed information on the inside includes morse code, and the quadrantal rule. There is a clear plastic overlay sheet to write over and a sturdy document clip to keep paperwork in place. A double pen clip, wide elastic leg strap, and a hole for a stopwatch mount is provided. Measures 18 x 24cms when folded and 36 x 24cms open. Available in Black.


112 mil. Northern map  CAA 1:500 000 Northern England & N.Ireland Chart - Ed 31 [1249] The long awaited Edition 31 of the CAA Northern England & Northern Ireland 1:500 000 Chart has a large number of airspace changes. Make sure you fly safe, up-date your chart to this new edition today! Generally do not show obstacles that are less than 300 ft above ground level and contours lower than 500 ft above mean sea level.


Edition 36 of the CAA 1:500 000 Southern England & Wales chart for VFR navigation is compliled by the CAA. Displays topographical information together with all airfield, obstruction and radio navigation. Generally do not show obstacles that are less than 300 ft above ground level and contours lower than 500 ft above mean sea level.


Radio Navigation Plotter. The Plotter is an invaluable tool for use with topographical and radio navigation charts. With magnetic and true bearings available using the compass rose, and a distance of up to 40nm obtainable from the rose centre on a 1:500:000nm scale chart. The layout is both simple and concise. Functional features include protractor angles through 360o and additional 1:500,000nm scale. Made from shatter-proof plastic, comes complete with protective vinyl sleeve. 

Compass Rose(10 Pack) Convenient self-adhesive compass roses come in a pack of ten, and provide a useful method of highlighting navigation points on topographical charts, private strips, helipads or balloon sites etc. 7cm in diameter 
cpfc logo
CPFC Badges 

ppl wings

Embroidered Pilot Wings

Add to the appearance of your favourate flight clothing with these conservative and stylish embriodered aviation wings. Measure 95(l) x 40(h)mm. 

Mike Sock

"Mic Socks"

MICROPHONE FOAM PROTECTOR FOR DAVID CLARK M-7 MIC. Fits 10-20, 10-60, 10-13.4, 13X models. 

The Holding Pattern Computer shows a pilot what entry is appropriate, giving the assigned holding radial and making it a superb landing aid. Comes complete with user instructions Measures 98mm diameter.


Treble Pen Clip

Expandable bracelet style pencil clips, in single, double and treble pen clusters. Allows you to increase the number of pencil spaces on your kneeboard. A good way to keep your chinagraphs where you can find them. 

 Headset fabric cover

David Clark Headset Fabric Ear Covers. A soft, double-knit, 100% cotton, washable ear seal cover. Designed to absorb moisture in hot, humid weather.

Not for use on the H-20 Series.

Not recommended for use on ENC Headsets. Sold In Pairs.

cpfc logoHi-vis
Hi-Visibility Vests 
stopwatch clip
This steel stopwatch clip is fully adjustable and is the ideal solution for mounting your stopwatch to kneeboards, flight boards and aircraft trims, panels etc. Timepiece adjustment is achieved by adjusting the grip height with the retaining nut.
Cockpit Chart 
Chinograph Pencils 
A.F.E. Checklist 
C.R.P.l. Computer 
1/4 mil, Map: Edition 6 


White Pilot Shirts 


Polo shirt 

T` - Shirt 
Local Area Chart